DIN Meter
  • DDZ1513 DIN-Rail II.I Single phase Split Smart Prepayment Meter (Class 1.0) based on PLC, Cable, RS485 or RF
  • Overview
  • DDZ1513 DIN-Rail II.I, single-phase two wires, multi-function, Split type (keypad-based), Anti-tamper, transparent meter cover, smart prepayment meter. DDZ1513 fully comply with STS standard and is suitable product for residential or commercial customers in utility companies to accomplish prepayment business process.DDZ1513 DIN-Rail II.I has anti-tamper feature of terminal cover detection. DDZ1513 DIN-Rail II.I can utilizes different communication media to CIU like PLC, Cable, RS485 or RF based on customer requirements, and micro USB optional.


    Active energy

    Class 1 (IEC62053-21)




    Working Voltage


    Nominal Voltage

    100~120V; 220~240V AC




    Rated Current

    5A, 10A

    Maximum Current

    60A, 80A

    Internal Relay


    Unipolar latching relay 100A Load switch standard grade: UC2 (IEC62055-31)

    Environmental condition


    Working temperature range


    Humidity requirement

    Relative humidity range is 0~95%

    Installation type

    Comply with DIN rail mounting


    Optical port

    Infrared communication Meter reading interface: comply with IEC62056-21 mode C Baud rate: 2400bps

    VTC Port

    ESKOM SCSSCAAA9 based on MC171

    CIU Communication

    PLC, Cable or RF based on Customer selection

    Mechanical specification


    About 350g

    Protection class

    IP51, Comply with IEC60529 2013


    145mm×39mm×91.4mm (W X D X H)

    Cover and terminal layout

    Comply with DIN rail mounting, top terminal is incoming line(L,N), bottom terminal is only coming line (L)

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