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  • IHM-3000 smart data concentrator is dedicated to smart grid and Smart Metering application and designed as a gateway between metering devices and AMI system, IHM-3000 creates two ways communication from metering points to AMI system, performs task setting, data collection, data transmission and data storage, meter management, GPRS information task execution and RF network management. IHM-3000 utilize efficiently PLC, RF media for downlink communication to smart meters and GPRS, 3G, DSL and fiber optic for uplink communication.


    Working Voltage

    3 x 100V-240V /380V-415V


    45-65 Hz

    Input and Output 

    Meter impulse output

    LED, optoelectronic isolation

    Input signal

    2 isolated digital Inputs

    Environmental condition


    Working temperature range

    -40 +80

    Humidity requirement



    Built-in infrared port

    Supports IEC 62056-21standard

    Communication modules

    Hot Swap Modules: GPRS/3G cellular modem, Embedded PLC or RF modem based on customers’ requirements

    485 Port

    Two ports (up to 115,200 bps)

    Ethernet port

    Ethernet 10/100 Base-T port (TCP protocols)

    Communication Protocols

    DLMS/COSEM, RTU MODBUS, DNP3.0, MV90TM, IEC 870-5-102, GB 376.1, DL/T645

    Mechanical specification


    Around 1500g

    Protection class

    IP54, Comply with IEC60529-4


    170 mm x 151 mm x70 mm

    Housing protection grade

    IP54    IEC60529-4


    Non-volatile memory capacity

    128/256 MB NAND FLASH

    Random-access memory capacity

    128 MB DDR2

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