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MV Prepayment Solution

Source:    Update:2017-04-21

INHEMETER’s Prepayment Anti-Theft Solution is complete Smart Prepayment Metering solution for LPU (Large Power Unit) Customers those are supplied by MV feeder and they have private transformer, this solution is composed of AMI Central system is complete multi-vendor meter data collection and meter management system which allows the collection of a large amount of data from high accuracy meters that are installed in LPU customer side, LPU Metering system use efficiently various communications technology like PSTN, GSM, GPRS, DSL, Fiber Optic, etc. to gather metering information from customers side. System can communicate with DMS system for Load control, Prepayment, remote connect and disconnect. 


System has following components:

MV Metering:
Anti-Tamper Compact Direct Connection multi-functions three phase smart metering device with modular design. The device includes CT, VT, Box and communication module directly connect to Medium voltage feeder (up to 35KV). MV Meter measure accurately electrical energy directly from medium voltage and is suitable solution for commercial and industrials Customers. With flexible communication module meter provides varieties communication media for remote management and reading. because of integrated design of this device (CT, PT, Meter and communication module are compact in one box, installed outside of customer property and also directly connected to MV line) has excellent anti-tamper feature to help utility for revenue protection.

AMI system:
AMI or advanced metering system as core part of Smart Grid solution provides measuring platform and two ways communication from Master station to Smart Meters to accomplish utility business process remotely, AMI system as standalone system has been widely used by Utilities for Energy efficiency, Demand response, Operational efficiency, integrated multi-energy, Customer satisfaction and Revenue protection.

Customer Portal and APP:
Customer Portal and APP: LPU metering system provides customer portal for LPU customers as web page or APP for Smart phone, utility companies can send useful report and information (like bill, consumption history, load profile, event history, and maximum demand) to their customer, customer can purchase electricity through this solution and send some feedback to utility companies as well.

FDR (Fault Detection Relay):
Is designed for MV feeder (10 kV, 13KV, 20kV, 25KV, 35KV). this device can connect to outdoor circuit breaker and reclosing  control  equipment  in  order  to  realize telemetry  data  acquisition, current  protection, reclosing,  remote  control,  local  control,  locally  manual  operation  and  switch  state  acquisition.  It supports multiple communication to facilitate the automatic distribution system reconfiguration.

Smart DMS (Central system):

Smart DMS System is complete solution to monitor, control and manage Distribution power network includes medium/high Voltage feeder, Distribution substation and high voltage substation, the system provide real time monitoring and intelligent control (monitoring critical parameters of distribution power network, locates and reports faults, automatically isolate faulty area, restore non-faulty area, provide remote control and reconfiguration, etc.) Smart DMS is GIS based and user friendly system for monitoring and controlling of distribution power network.  Smart DMS receiving information and alerts from IEDs from power network, make process and analysis on received data and create related report for utility company and send related intelligent controlling to IEDs. Smart DMS provides Standard interface to existing like OMS, IVR, and EMS system.


Smart DMS benefits for utility company:

    *Power Network Reliability, improve time to isolate and repair

    *Improve outages Management and metrics

    *Identification of load imbalance between phases

    *Help utility company for Distribution Planning, average and peak load on circuit

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