Distribution Automation

Distribution Automation Solution

Source:    Update:2017-04-21


Smart DMS is a simple and cost effective way to increase distribution grid management and performance for all utilities companies, Inhemeter Smart DMS composes of following components:

FCI (Fault Circuit indicator):
Smart FCI is MV/HV overhead Fault Circuit Indicator that pinpoint fault location and accurate load logging to any point along the electric distribution power network (faults like two-phase or three-phase short-circuit fault and single-phase earth fault). Smart FCI utilized low power mesh RF network to communicate with Smart Data Collector. Smart FCI measure critical parameters of HV/MV power line like current, conductor temperature and voltage characteristics with accurate time stamp. Smart functionalities and processing enable Smart FCI to perform analysis at the point of installation (Smart FCI is also equipped with visual indication to support visual tracking and audit at field) while sending critical data, Event and alarm to the Central system through RF network. Smart FCI has been designed based on latest technology to be maintenance-free life during long life. Installation process of Smart FCI is very simple and can be done on hot line anywhere.  

Smart Data Collector: 
DCGJ-1A RF is Smart Gateway and data collector that is designed based on advances technology for SmartDMS.  DCGJ-1A RF acting as a gateway between FCI and Central system, DCGJ-1A using Radio frequency (RF) for downlink communication to FCI devices and 2G/3G/4G communication for uplink to Central system. DCGJ-1A also can create daisy chain RF media efficiently for Uplink communication (up to 7 nodes and each nodes support 800 FCI) and last node acting as gateway to central system. Small size and high protection degree of this device enable fast and easy rollout of Distribution management projects in utility companies.

SmartDMS (Central system): 
SmartDMS is GIS based user friendly Central system software for monitoring and controlling of distribution power network.  SmartDMS receiving information and alerts from FCI through Smart Data Collector, make process and analysis on received data and create related report for utility company. SmartDMS provides Standard interface to existing SCADA, EMS and OMS system and send FCI information to them.


Smart DMS benefits for utility company:

    *Power Network Reliability, improve time to isolate and repair
    *Improve outages Management and metrics
    *Identification of load imbalance between phases
    *Help utility company for Distribution Planning, average and peak load on circuit

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