Distribution Automation

Transformer Management Solution

Source:    Update:2017-05-08

INHEMETER’s Distribution Transformer management System composes of following components:


TTU (Transformer Terminal Unit): TTU is responsible for measuring and gathering critical parameter from transformer, acting as CT connection meter to measure energy flow of transformer, TTU also acts as Data Concentrator to communicates and gathers data, event and alarm from subsidiary smart meters and send all information to central system, IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device like Smart switch for connection and disconnection of transformer, Smart Capacitor for compensation of low power factor and voltage and smart switch for controlling Street light feeder or other smart device) can receive command signal from TTU with flexible inputs and outputs, TTU can receive signal from IEDs and also can send related command signal to IEDs, TTU can use split Current Transformer for convenient of installation



  • Smart capacitor: Smart low voltage capacitor is new generation of reactive power compensation which is used in low voltage grid, Smart Capacitor consist of measurement, control unit, mechanical type three phase synchronous switch, protection unit and two or one low voltage capacitor.
  • Smart switch: Smart switch is responsible for connect and disconnect of Transformer, based on received commands from TTU Smart switch execute connect and disconnect command. 
  • Temperature Sensor: temperature sensor measures accurately oil or ambient temperature of transformer and send to TTU device   


Smart DTMS: Smart DTMS is responsible for gathering information form TTU, Processing and analysis of information, generation of related report and transferring related command and configuration to IEDs and TTU.

    *System has following features:

    *Identify and lower utility losses due to theft

    *Lessen outages and analysis

    *Allow for preventive maintenance

    *Accelerate restoration of power via last-gasp capability

    *Report event like  abnormal voltages, load, temperature, oil level, unbalance, power factor,  

    *Control smart switch to accomplish connection and disconnection of transformer

    *Report bi-directional energy associated with distributed generation efforts by end users

    *Power quality measurement, analysis and compensation of reactive power 

    *Provide management for street lighting

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